• 16 Years manufacturing and over 100 years of combined expert staff

• All furniture covered with 3 layer paint process for a durable usage and protective finish…Don’t use any furniture oils! To clean use a damp cloth and little polish for   shine.

• All furniture are solid wood frames with solid wood edged with meranti hardwood for longer lifespan and durability… no exposed boards or veneer at front and side edges… no veneer pealing.

• All furniture lamello biscuit’ d with high strength wood glue… not nailed or stapled jointed, as per competitors

• All case goods have recessed backing boards…ensure neat flat finished against walls.

• All chairs 140kg weight guaranteed…Note it’s a chair, not a bike.

• All chair designs have our own unique DNA …Buttons, zips or rings. Many try to copy but failing to meet our quality standards.

• All foam SABS approved and we only use 25,000 rubs or higher fabrics, no cheap fong fong fabrics.

• Professional upholstery on all chairs is the reason customers come back for Woodburn chairs.

• All chairs legs solid meranti, we don’t use pine legs.

• Choose between various fabrics and wood colours at no extra charge to you or your clients.

• Please keep in mind we manufacture Quality furniture which takes more time than low end furniture. If you want quick cheap furniture please call our Chinas.

• With 14 years of retail experience, we will help you sell our furniture. List your company on our website as a recommended retailer.

• We supply countrywide.

Place our furniture next to our competitors and you will clearly see that! Woodburn Furniture is “Well Build Furniture”

• All goods are quality checked prior to leaving our factory. No need to re-open and close again.

• All furniture is covered with airo-thene and corrugated box for extra transport protection. If you need additional packaging please stipulate on your order. ( We unfortunately have to charge extra)

• Woodburn DNA is standard on all designs, you have peace of mind to order from a picture and be sure that the quality will be 100%

• We don’t sell imported or sub contracted furniture…all is 100% Woodburn made.

• Our furniture is made to withstand any indoor temperature fluctuations in South Africa.  Any shop in S.A can order with piece of mind, and don’t have to worry about furniture cracking.

• All furniture is UV protected.

• We only buy wood from reputed wood merchants who buys from sustainable forestry’s. All woods are treated against any wood eating insects…no tsunami invest woods used, or old pallets, tree bass or fall of a truck wood. You get what you pay for!

• We recommend that you make use of our in-house transport service at very affordable rates, to ensure furniture gets to you the same way it left our factory.

• With our high quality manufacturing process and strict quality control we hardly get complaints on our furniture, and you will soon notice that by selling Woodburn furniture its less stress full and more profitable.

Go ahead try Woodburn Furniture in your store and see why over 50 stores started to buy from us in 2019